Can you make Drake a boy toy?

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text: Holly Wood

I have nothing against Madonna, Coachella, impromptu kissing or Drake. As a matter of fact I would love to kiss Drake during Coachella myself and have Madonna’s body while doing that. This fantasy will last a couple of days.


His reaction though … Yikes. Man. That sucked, literally!

Why? Is she a really bad kisser? Or, is Drake a shy nerdy Jewish boy deep down who doesn’t know how to handle a tongue of a mature woman in a leotard with like gazillion people watching him? Well, who isn’t!

He kept being Drake and blamed it on her sticky lipstick later. OK … I needed a little time to process that while listening to You&The 6, which is a super nice song about Drake’s mother if you’re not familiar. Than I started googling Drake’s mom Sandi Graham for the first time and she looks a lot like – well, Madonna. It all just got really weird now.


However, he doesn’t mind being affectionate towards his mom, which I find very very sweet. Men who respect and show love to their mothers usually love, respect and value other women. A fact proven by life.


The question is – who respects Drake? Certainly not Madonna. If a guy did the same on that stage, he would be called a sexist prick in a second.

Hey, Madge: if you’re reading this it’s NOT too late! I love you but take it easy not only with that lipstick but also with the predator-alfa-female-stick! Not every young man is a boy toy. Guys – like girls – have value too. Respect, not dominate!

FYI Madonna recently talked about her much younger boyfriends during her stand up on Jimmy Kimmel and she laughed at how uneducated they were. It’s just sad:

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