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text: Anit
photo: Bershka, H&M,

Google has released its first-ever fashion trend report — an in-depth analysis of six billion fashion-related searches carried out by Google users between 2012 and 2015.

Now, more than ever fashion trends are created by their consumers. So which queries were typed the most times in the search bar?

In the seasonal rising trends we find white lace dress, high wasted bikinis, shift dress, white jumpsuit. Steady growth shows interest in waist trainer, jogger pants (run, anyone?), palazzo pants, tulle skirt and midi skirt.

On the contrary, normcore, 90’s styled jeans, corset dresses, one shoulder dresses, peplum or string bikini are considered to be the biggest losers. The demand of these trends is decreased every year.

The top associations are also an interesting topic of the Google Fashion Research. When people search for Tulle Skirts they add: how to make them yourself, how to find a DIY tutorial, etc.

In the category of denim, there is the most interest shown in: boyfriend jeans, high waisted jeans, mom jeans.

Is the report relevant? Are we going to wear more tulle skirts and white lace dress? Is this the end of normcore?








Dress, Bershka        




Skirt, H&M



We would not be surprised.

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