Brave girls

12. 6. 2015 Category: Journals, Ms. Holly Wood Tags: , , , , ,

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text: Holly Wood

I have only one favorite YouTuber, a video blogger, or a vlogger – whatever you like to call it. Her name is Ingrid Nilsen. I like her name, I like her videos, her quirkiness. She is fun, smart, effortlessly beautiful, seems genuinely nice, and I like to watch her even though she’s talking make-up and clothes. I don’t care about that at all but I always appreciate an interesting person.

Ingrid Nilsen came out two days ago. She is gay. She talks about it for 20 minutes in her latest vlog. Crying through it. I am with her in this – wailing in a tram while watching the video, people watching me. And I don’t care. Her perfectly YouTube-optimized video graphics says she is gay in big bold letters. What a great era we live in!

Being different from other lifestyle YouTubers made Ingrid a star with almost 3,5 millions followers. Now she’s taking that stardom and doing something real with it. Coming out not only for her sake but for the sake of her followers who also need some encouragement.Because nothing says “You can do it too” more than a YouTube video with several millions o views. Or  a Vanity Fair cover.



Bless you all, brave girls!


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